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New research into impact of debt problems on the UK’s families commissioned by CCCS

Dealing with the existing legacy of personal debt in the UK will be one of the most difficult public policy challenges over the coming years. However, the deteriorating economic environment means that life is likely to get even worse for many households.


It is with this backdrop that GRE’s Gareth Evans will again be working with the Financial Inclusion Centre to produce a series of three major linked reports on the theme of Debt and The Family. Commissioned by the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) - the UK’s leading debt advice charity it will consist of the following specific reports:


  • Debt and household incomes – to be published in June 2011
  • Debt and the generations – to be published in September 2011
  • Debt in the regions – to be published in December 2011


You can follow the study’s progress at



Establishing a business case for debt advice amongst social housing landlords commissioned by the Friends Provident Foundation

There are well established social and organisational benefits to social housing providers tackling the financial problems of their tenants with a wealth of studies documenting examples of how this can be done. Yet, there is very little work undertaken to measure the tangible business rationale for landlords actually investing in debt advice - can it save them money?


GRE will be working with the Financial Inclusion Centre to produce an extensive year long research project. It will undertake a cost benefit review of different models of providing independent debt advice amongst six of the country’s leading Registered Social Landlords. The research will analyse tenant’s rent arrear levels and the number of RSL interventions following debt advice.



GRE Consulting leading the development of a new credit union service for Kensington and Chelsea

On the face of it you might not think Kensington and Chelsea needs a credit union. Yet, it’s obvious affluence masks significant poverty with 22 per cent of the borough suffering from extreme deprivation levels, equating to 24,500 low income residents who are marginalised from affordable financial services.


GRE has been commissioned to work with a partnership of local stakeholders and deliver the development phase to create a new credit union. This not-for-profit community bank for local residents and workers will provide access to competitive savings, affordable credit and a range of other financial products and advice. It is anticipated that the new service will receive Financial Service authority go-ahead and launch towards the end of 2011.


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