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About us

GRE Consulting is an independent consultancy firm with over seven years experience of delivering social and economic regeneration within some of the poorest neighbourhoods and communities across the country.
We specialise in providing quality advice, research and support within the fields of financial inclusion and overindebtedness, credit unions and community finance as well as community development and social enterprise to a range of voluntary and community sector organisations, social housing providers, local authorities and other public sector agencies.




Our team of qualified and experienced regeneration practitioners are able to deliver a range of programmes and projects to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


Gareth Evans

Gareth is a highly skilled regeneration professional with over eleven years experience, including seven years managing this independent consultancy firm. He has become established as a leading  authority within the financial inclusion and community finance sector.
He specialises in undertaking detailed studies into the extent and causes of financial exclusion and has substantial hands on experience of designing and implementing strategies to combat this growing problem for both local authorities and housing associations. He also has extensive experience within the credit union sector, undertaking feasibility and development work that has been responsible for establishing several credit unions across London and the South East.



Eugene Waters

Eugene has widespread experience of working within the third sector, particularly with credit unions. Most recently, Eugene worked with residents and local agencies to undertake the development work for the new credit union within Hammersmith and Fulham. This included fundraising and resource negotiation, business development and planning, managing the acquisition and refurbishment of branch premises and partnership building with local stakeholders.

Previously, Eugene was a Principle Officer at the London Borough of Newham, where he worked on civic renewal and community development projects. He holds a BA in Human Development from St. Patrick's College (Dublin City University) and an MRes in European Public Policy from Birkbeck (University of London).



Joe Hannam Maggs

Joe has over eight years experience as a communications and marketing professional with a local government partnership, major conglomerate and as a consultant. He has organised international symposia, national campaigns and regional events for a range of stakeholder groups - notably with councils on behalf of small businesses in London.

Joe has worked alongside social enterprises for the past 3 years with an emphasis on economic development for SMEs. His work with the City Fringe Partnership led to the development of strategies for local economies that combined the input of businesses, councils, third sector bodies and industry associations.


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